One of many firsts lately………

Tonight will be a first for me, one of my art smocks goes for Auction at Its one of my Rainbow Art smocks that look bright, colourful and make me smile!!
Auction 30:8 FB

Personally, this is quite exciting for me, however also quite daunting !! Will it be a positive experience ??? I hope so… And also, one never knows unless we try it out (at least once!). Has anyone else had Auction experience ?? Would love to read about it!

Beforehand, we have bought houses by Auction and my husband was the one in control… I was the nagging wife nudging and whispering in his ear (are you going to bid? Come on, we can do one more?) Can anyone else relate to this ?? As you can tell I’m a little anxious about this leap, however so far it has been a really positive experience :-).

While I’m here, I need to mention have been fantastic in promoting their markets and handmade items. Extremely helpful, especially for a Mum like me who is NOT tech literate. Well done girls, I’m really enjoying being in contact with a whole lot of other small businesses setting out to do or have established what I am in awe of!   A big THANKYOU !

I’ll keep you posted on how we go…….  I have linked into a couple of other markets for charity in late Sept/ early Oct so stay tuned……



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