Continuing the Firsts……….

Well it’s Father’s Day and it has been great to see the kids really enjoy spoiling Daddy. Early wake up, LOTS of kids craft to open as presents and then a feast of Star Wars DVDs!!! Usually four kids equals hard work, however on a day like today, I have REALLY enjoyed having a large family. It makes those hard days all worthwhile.
However in the back of my head the day reminds me of two very special people close and dear, who are forever with me. I feel they are sometimes sitting above thinking, shaking their heads at my decisions or smiling down on the fun times we have! My Dad and Grandfather (Poppa), have been so central to who I am today, yet two very different individuals. I think of them daily and smile 🙂 Thanks for everything, your love, respect and encouragement.

Anyway, enough emotion……. Today has been a great day, I finished my first Chevron quilt and have to say I love it !!

IMG_1241 IMG_1251 IMG_1246

And I got to use my “Sewn by Leanne” labels for the first time !! How exciting….. thankfully they look really good. I still need to work on the photography, but having the wind blow while taking photos of a quilt is a challenge I really hadn’t thought about before. I would love any tips….. My husband was terrific about it, and held the quilt up until the wind settled thankfully. All these things that I hadn’t even considered would be an issue! Oh well the learning curve is still on the steep side!

Another first today, was the knock on the door about 5.00pm. We both looked at each other with that look ?who could this be?……. Election pollsters with the magic question “Who are you going to vote for?” They were quite taken back when they didn’t get an answer …. why? was the question. Do you notice a difference between the way you and your partner vote, not necessarily the party or candidate, but the behaviour. Some will take EVERY pamphlet, vote and then hand them back to them on the way out. Compared to others, may take one and only one to highlight who they are voting for. Oh well I’m sure “polling door knocking” would produce ALOT of firsts…… Has anyone else had pollsters at their door?

I hope you all had an amazing Fathers day with your families.

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