It’s been a while…….

Well, it’s been a busy week but an eventful week with the kids.  Mr 7 lost his first front tooth, and about the loose the second (hee hee, all in time for Christmas to sing “all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!) Miss 5 has her first school orientation, and will not take her school uniform off!!  Mr 2’s nickname is now “the destroyer”, don’t you all just love this adorable age…….ahhhhhhhh!  Oh yeah, and Mr 9 has the beginnings of teenager hood (where has my beautiful sweet well mannered boy gone…. Please come back !). This has kept me more than busy, but more importantly I’ve been having so much fun creating.  

Here are some exciting new items!,

Care for some Paris, I just love how these pouches have turned out.  I’ve even made one for myself…  Stylish, stunning and slimline, my iPad is now comfy and protected in my handbag!


A friend asked me to make some diary covers with a couple of pen holders and they have worked out to be lovely! My friend choose the fabric combination, and they have blended soooo well.  So excited to see her reactions to them on Thursday.


I also am participating in @the oz material girls annual Pink Ribbon fundraiser Auction.Image

Such a worthy cause…… So come along and support……. Gorgeous items for sale, all handmade with love……..

I’m also participating in the Blossom Heart Quilt Sew Cute Tuesday……..  I love this blog.  The quilts are gorgeous….Image

Well that’s been my week, and I hope yours is going well too.  I’m making a VERY early New Years resolution – to blog at least once a week!

take care, blessings Leanne

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1 Response to It’s been a while…….

  1. Alyce says:

    Oooh, those deer! So cute!


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