Equilateral Triangle Quilts

I have been having lots of fun making two Quilts for a Christening.   The colours chosen were inspired by their Christening invitations.

One boy has Hot Air balloons on his walls and the other has Robots……….

Equilateral triangle Quilts

The front and back panels complement each other. These One of a kind Quilts are certainly made to be treasured.

In the “Up, Up and Away”  Quilt with the rainbow colours I used invisible thread as not to take away from the stunning rainbow effect and at the back used white.  In the “Robotic Triangle” Quilt I used Silver thread to keep with the mechanical theme.




I just love the backing fabrics on these quilts.  The robots are from Timeless treasures “Mechanical Genius” and the Hot Air Balloons are from Robert Kaufaman fabrics “Out N’ About.

I have put these quilts in my Etsy store http://www.sewnbyleanne.etsy.com  and will link up with Sew Cute Tuesday  over at Blossom Heart Quilts tonight as they have a theme on Triangles.

I struggle with describing Quilts to advertise them.  So if you have any great adjectives please feel free to share…..

Have a great day

Back soon


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10 Responses to Equilateral Triangle Quilts

  1. Joanna says:

    How do you find selling on etsy? I’ve been wanting to get more serious about making/selling quilts but there’s such a huge market on etsy already 😦

    I had a look at your listings and your info seemed fine to me! Very similar to what I have seen on other listings 🙂

    Just a tip on your photos (I hope you don’t mind…): if you edit the image settings in WP, you can actually enlarge them to look bigger on your blog (these look like they are set at the thumbnail size). You need to show off your creations!! I love both of your triangle quilts, especially the more colourful one. (When you edit a post, if you click on the pencil that comes up when hovering over the picture in ‘view’ it will being up the image settings. About half way down on the left is a drop down box for image size and you can choose a bunch of sizes, including full size 🙂 )


  2. Carole says:

    Visiting from Sew Cute Tuesday, and I agree with Joanna about the picture size. Cute quilts!!


  3. sewnbyleanne says:

    Thanks Carole, I really value the feedback, thank you.


  4. I love these quilts – welcome back to the blogging world – I take it you enlarged the photos, they look great to me!


  5. The colours are fantastic, some lucky boys will get these quilts.


  6. These quilts were even more gorgeous in real life. I almost didn’t want to give them away! They were cosy, without being too thick, and the colour combos that you came up with were wonderful (I don’t really have a creative bone in my body, so was no help at all!) and the triangles were all matched up beautifully 🙂


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