Basting with a Smile

This weekend has been extremely crazy, but amidst the chaos I have been able to baste a Panel Quilt that has certainly made me smile.


Strawberry Shortcake Panel Quilt Basted

Strawberry Shortcake Panel Quilt Basted

These Basting Pins (curved safety pins) are certainly helpfully tools.   They hold the three layers together very well, and are very easy to remove as you go.

Using Gutermann Sulky thread 1108 (light pink) I have Free Motion Quilted (FMQ) the Panel, highlighting her lovely smile and the hair.

Example of Free Motion Quilting

Example of Free Motion Quilting

The action of FMQ is great to do on these Panel Quilts as they allow you to practice the Art.  My freeform on the larger quilts has really improved since doing these smaller quilts. Taking the lines already printed on the fabric, but then making it my own by elaborating on these.  It also makes each Quilt I make definitely unique, despite the mass produced Panel being used.  This Panel is part of the Strawberry Shortcake range from Spectrix Fabrics.   The flowers beside her definitely are highlighted through the FMQ technique (as seen below).


FMQ Flowers

FMQ Flowers

You don’t need to quilt every line.  Just decide what you would like to highlight in the quilt and GO FOR IT !!  It is much easier to this with a FMQ foot than a regular machine foot.  A FMQ foot is certainly worth the investment, if you like making Panel Quilts.

I’d love to see your FMQ Art on Quilts.  There are certainly beautiful examples, and I am by no means an expert, but it’s a technique I love to do to, and love it’s effect on quilts.

The following Quilt is one of my favourite!

Rainbow FMQ - Small Town Thread


The FMQ on this Quilt from Small Town thread ( is simple but has such a lovely effect creating a textured rainbow sky.  I love it !!

Have a lovely week ahead.



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