Hand piecing a soccer ball pin cushion

A fews weeks ago I entered a Pageant !!  No, not for myself but for PIN CUSHIONS !  Yes, it is a bit of fun amongst a group of fabulous handmaidens after seeing elaborate pin cushions popping up in Pinterest at the moment.  Make sure you check it out over at http://www.facebook.com/crazylyka .  So I thought I’d let you in on my entry AND at the same time create a small hand piecing tutorial on hexagons.

After creating my “Floral Delights”  Quilt I had a number of scraps – so you will recognise numerous fabrics.

First of all, we need our hexagon templates.  you can buy them at any craft/sewing store, however you can also make your own from scrap paper – and here is mine.

2.5" Hexagon template

2.5″ Hexagon template

I also cut a hole in the middle to put the pin through,  to hold the paper to the fabric.  I then cut the fabric around the template leaving at least a 1/4″ seam.  Note:  the smaller the seam you use, the more fiddly the hand sewing.

2.5" hexagon template with fabric

2.5″ hexagon template with fabric

You then need a basting thread that stands out from the fabric (Note: the more it stands out the easier it is to pull out!).

Basting the edges of the Hexagon

Basting the edges of the Hexagon

Only baste the fabric (not the paper), otherwise you won’t be able to remove the paper!!  Be careful and take time to create sharp corners!  This makes it easier to sew the hexagons together.

2.5" Hexagon

2.5″ Hexagon

Front of the 2.5" Hexagon

Front of the 2.5″ Hexagon








As the pattern I was following to make the pin cushion was my son’s soccer ball,  I needed 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.  Who knew I’d be using geometry ?!

I needed to make sure the pentagon sides were 1″, the same as the hexagons.  Here I just googled 1″pentagon and printed off the initial template shape and then replicated this on my own paper.

1" sided Pentagon

1″ sided Pentagon

I used the same method as above to create 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.  Make sure you press the shapes before starting to construct, as this helps hold their shape.

To construct the ball I surrounded each pentagon with 5 hexagons.  It was fascinating to see the ball shape gradually appear !!  You connect each shape to each other with ladder stitch.

Construction of pincushion soccer ball.

I keep the pins and paper in as I construct to give the walls a little bit more strength.  As you will not see inside of the ball, you can choose to remove the basting stitches or not – this is a personal decision. (Just remember to remove the pins!!)

The final result!

Hexagon Soccer ball Pin cushion !

Hexagon Soccer ball Pin cushion !


It reminds me of a baby’s ball.  As this is a pin cushion, I filled a pocket of fabric with rice to put at the base to give weight!  And filled the ball with polyfill – tightly as remember this is a pincushion !  The embroidery of Sewn by Leanne is my little touch for the pageant.



Embroidery to the Hexagons

This is a very cheery pincushion 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about English Hand piecing.  I enjoy doing it in front of the television at night.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Blessings, Leanne


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