A little girl’s dream

It has been a busy weekend for our family, but I certainly filled my daughter’s heart with joy today.

As usual I needed to go to the fabric store, this was essential as the 40% off voucher finished today !!  My daughter wanted to come also.  She loves going through the craft section and looking at everything she could create.

She wrote these words at school this term.  So who knows what the world has ahead of her !!  Hopefully love, joy and loads of happiness!!

Cate wanting to be an artist

I’m sure once I show you the next photo, you will know exactly what I created for her after she choose this gorgeous blue chiffon !!


Yep, that’s right I made her an “Elsa Cape”, so she could flitter and dance to the music to her hearts’ content these school holidays.



The glitter, that doesn’t show up that well on the photo is now all over the furniture, but it has been worth it to see her happy and dancing around.  Her three brothers well between you and me  – are a little over (well maybe A LOT) the “Frozen soundtrack”.

I spent a lot of time with the kids today – I think it was out of guilt for spending a day at the Quilt Fair yesterday – KID FREE !!  Oh the quilts were amazing.  But that it all for the next blog post. Hee Hee

Have a fabulous week.



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