Equilateral Triangle Quilts

I have been having lots of fun making two Quilts for a Christening.   The colours chosen were inspired by their Christening invitations.

One boy has Hot Air balloons on his walls and the other has Robots……….

Equilateral triangle Quilts

The front and back panels complement each other. These One of a kind Quilts are certainly made to be treasured.

In the “Up, Up and Away”  Quilt with the rainbow colours I used invisible thread as not to take away from the stunning rainbow effect and at the back used white.  In the “Robotic Triangle” Quilt I used Silver thread to keep with the mechanical theme.




I just love the backing fabrics on these quilts.  The robots are from Timeless treasures “Mechanical Genius” and the Hot Air Balloons are from Robert Kaufaman fabrics “Out N’ About.

I have put these quilts in my Etsy store http://www.sewnbyleanne.etsy.com  and will link up with Sew Cute Tuesday  over at Blossom Heart Quilts tonight as they have a theme on Triangles.

I struggle with describing Quilts to advertise them.  So if you have any great adjectives please feel free to share…..

Have a great day

Back soon


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A long weekend of kids craft

It has been a long weekend here in Melbourne, and there has been a lot of kids craft being done.

Miss 5 has absolutely fallen in love with making bracelets from colourful rubber bands. Apparently it is the latest rage at school. And to my surprise our sons enjoyed making them too (as long as they didn’t have pink and purple in them !). The four kids have been wearing them all weekend, and the older three complained when I warned them that they can’t wear them to school tomorrow.


Is this a craze at your children’s school? I’d be especially interested to hear whether this is done in other countries at present. I can’t believe how many patterns you can make with rubber bands!!

The other craft activities that we discussed and tried out – are those for Easter. A few pictures our children found are:



The chickens made from the egg cartons, and painted. We plan the fill them with the tiny Easter eggs and give them to friends. We had three egg cartons from the recycle box, but it is safe to say our family might be eating a number of eggs prior to Easter to have enough carton chicks !! What kind of Easter craft traditions does your family practice… I’d love to hear them.
Have a great week…

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Creative Inspiration


I found these gorgeous Winnie the Pooh fabrics on sale at Minky Bear Fabrics during January, at about the same time as Nicole from Lil’ Miss A advertised places for a Childhood Memories Showcase.  They just seemed to fit together perfectly, and now so do the fabrics.  

This is a Gorgeous Cot Quilt.  My eldest Master 9 is still very attached to his Winnie the Pooh, and hence we still have same collection of softies that live in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Creating this Quilt brought back many memories of being a first time Mum, the idea of chaos and no routine entering our lives.  Tigger was also a favourite, and always an encouragement to teach our second son Master 7 to jump “Come on let’s jump silly like Tigger”.


This 40″ x 45″ cot quilt also gave me a chance to practice the skill of free motion quilting.  I’m really enjoying learning this technique – so much easier than moving the whole quilt around continually with a walking foot (and yes I can hear experienced quilters gasp, and say you really did that !). 

This quilt will be available in the  Childhood Memories Lil’A Showcase opening 8pm 5th March, 2014, AESDT.  There are many more gorgeous items that you will love.  So stop by and take a look……..

Have a great week,



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It’s been a while…….

Well, it’s been a busy week but an eventful week with the kids.  Mr 7 lost his first front tooth, and about the loose the second (hee hee, all in time for Christmas to sing “all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!) Miss 5 has her first school orientation, and will not take her school uniform off!!  Mr 2’s nickname is now “the destroyer”, don’t you all just love this adorable age…….ahhhhhhhh!  Oh yeah, and Mr 9 has the beginnings of teenager hood (where has my beautiful sweet well mannered boy gone…. Please come back !). This has kept me more than busy, but more importantly I’ve been having so much fun creating.  

Here are some exciting new items!,

Care for some Paris, I just love how these pouches have turned out.  I’ve even made one for myself…  Stylish, stunning and slimline, my iPad is now comfy and protected in my handbag!


A friend asked me to make some diary covers with a couple of pen holders and they have worked out to be lovely! My friend choose the fabric combination, and they have blended soooo well.  So excited to see her reactions to them on Thursday.


I also am participating in @the oz material girls annual Pink Ribbon fundraiser Auction.Image

Such a worthy cause…… So come along and support……. Gorgeous items for sale, all handmade with love……..

I’m also participating in the Blossom Heart Quilt Sew Cute Tuesday……..  I love this blog.  The quilts are gorgeous….Image

Well that’s been my week, and I hope yours is going well too.  I’m making a VERY early New Years resolution – to blog at least once a week!

take care, blessings Leanne

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Continuing the Firsts……….

Well it’s Father’s Day and it has been great to see the kids really enjoy spoiling Daddy. Early wake up, LOTS of kids craft to open as presents and then a feast of Star Wars DVDs!!! Usually four kids equals hard work, however on a day like today, I have REALLY enjoyed having a large family. It makes those hard days all worthwhile.
However in the back of my head the day reminds me of two very special people close and dear, who are forever with me. I feel they are sometimes sitting above thinking, shaking their heads at my decisions or smiling down on the fun times we have! My Dad and Grandfather (Poppa), have been so central to who I am today, yet two very different individuals. I think of them daily and smile 🙂 Thanks for everything, your love, respect and encouragement.

Anyway, enough emotion……. Today has been a great day, I finished my first Chevron quilt and have to say I love it !!

IMG_1241 IMG_1251 IMG_1246

And I got to use my “Sewn by Leanne” labels for the first time !! How exciting….. thankfully they look really good. I still need to work on the photography, but having the wind blow while taking photos of a quilt is a challenge I really hadn’t thought about before. I would love any tips….. My husband was terrific about it, and held the quilt up until the wind settled thankfully. All these things that I hadn’t even considered would be an issue! Oh well the learning curve is still on the steep side!

Another first today, was the knock on the door about 5.00pm. We both looked at each other with that look ?who could this be?……. Election pollsters with the magic question “Who are you going to vote for?” They were quite taken back when they didn’t get an answer …. why? was the question. Do you notice a difference between the way you and your partner vote, not necessarily the party or candidate, but the behaviour. Some will take EVERY pamphlet, vote and then hand them back to them on the way out. Compared to others, may take one and only one to highlight who they are voting for. Oh well I’m sure “polling door knocking” would produce ALOT of firsts…… Has anyone else had pollsters at their door?

I hope you all had an amazing Fathers day with your families.

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One of many firsts lately………

Tonight will be a first for me, one of my art smocks goes for Auction at www.facebook.com/pages/handmademarkets. Its one of my Rainbow Art smocks that look bright, colourful and make me smile!!
Auction 30:8 FB

Personally, this is quite exciting for me, however also quite daunting !! Will it be a positive experience ??? I hope so… And also, one never knows unless we try it out (at least once!). Has anyone else had Auction experience ?? Would love to read about it!

Beforehand, we have bought houses by Auction and my husband was the one in control… I was the nagging wife nudging and whispering in his ear (are you going to bid? Come on, we can do one more?) Can anyone else relate to this ?? As you can tell I’m a little anxious about this leap, however so far it has been a really positive experience :-).

While I’m here, I need to mention www.facebook.com/pages/theozmaterialgirls have been fantastic in promoting their markets and handmade items. Extremely helpful, especially for a Mum like me who is NOT tech literate. Well done girls, I’m really enjoying being in contact with a whole lot of other small businesses setting out to do or have established what I am in awe of!   A big THANKYOU !

I’ll keep you posted on how we go…….  I have linked into a couple of other markets for charity in late Sept/ early Oct so stay tuned……



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Wow, what a fun learning curve!

Wow, what a ride it has been. In May this year, my husband and I sat down to discuss the family budget! Next year, we’ll have 3 kids in private school and another still to come. The budget has to tighten somehow. I then sat down to spend the night sewing for my 5 year old daughter, yet another dress…….

So it was then…….I decided to enter the world of handmade crafts and decide ok, now what on Earth could I possibly sell and would anyone like what I make. I had always had compliments on what I have made, and a few friends have said ‘you could sell that!’ But could I actually ????

Well, it is now August and I am loving it! I have sold items, even to people I have never met (yes that ‘s right my sister-in-law no longer has to buy things so I feel better! Thanks Megan).

I now have a Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/sewnbyleanne, a website http://www.sewnbyleanne.craftlaunch.com and an etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/sewnbyleanne. Oh my Gosh……

I have never been one to use technology, I much prefer a pen and paper! The learning curve has been steep, but wow the people in the handmade circles are so…… helpful and willing to share their ideas. A BIG THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Please be patient as I learn the ropes of blogging, but I hope you enjoy reading my posts and please if you have any suggestions for posts please suggest away…….Until next time, blessings.

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